First Nation Narratives

November 25


The discovery of mass graves of indigenous children at “boarding schools” have shed a light on these institutions of assimilation and genocide.  First Nation citizens are the most underserved, overlooked, and misrepresented communities around the world.  We believe that the best weapon we have against this ignorance is education.  As such, we are releasing a video bringing awareness to American Indian musicians and their cultures.


We will release an educational video on Thanksgiving: November 25th, 2021.  We will show accurate reflections of First Nation citizens on a day that often provides an incomplete, if not inaccurate portrayal of the first Thanksgiving, particularly of the event’s First Nation participants. Our goal is to connect with six American Indian musicians: Jerod Tate, William Harjo, Elexa Dawson, Tony Duncan, Joanne Shenandoah, and Kevin Locke.

Indian Inspirations



Harmony Around the World is applying for the Department of State U.S. Mission to India grant opportunity with the goal of connecting with musicians in India.  If you are interested in this collaboration or know someone who may be, please let us know!

Mission Mexico

May 20 - 28


Tensions have grown between the citizens of Mexico and the United States.  The building of a wall between the two countries as well as the deportation and treatment of Mexican citizens within the United States has led to conflict and a misunderstanding of the culture between these two parties.  The border wall not only affects border communities that see customers and citizens from either side but the Kikapoo, Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, and Lipan Apache tribes will all be affected, as the wall threatens to run through their lands.  These programs to separate the two cultures not only affect the lives of the people living in the two countries but also seminate hatred between their citizens.  In order to eradicate this hatred bred of ignorance, we must create peaceful programs between the two countries which promote an understanding of our cultures and people. By connecting musicians from the US and Mexico, we can promote an understanding of the culture of the two, and begin to build peaceful relationships. We are commissioning a work by Eduardo Mendez who resides in Jaltapec de Candayoc, Oaxaca, Mexico.  We will travel to his location to work on the piece together, and he will attend performances of his composition in Kansas City.

African Artists



Our goal is to connect with musicians in Africa.  We have reached out to composer Andrea Hobson, as well as professor of composition at the University of Cape Town, Arthur Feder. If you are interested in this collaboration or know someone who may be, please let us know!

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